Moscow Express (Dying To Love Book 1) by Elizaveta Katrinova

Author Elizaveta Katrinova introduces us to the Moscow Express:

Katya’s first two weeks in Moscow have been a whirlwind of ups and downs. Now she is prepared for an unforgettable trip to Berlin. As two Russian soldiers and an officer of the FSK board her compartment on the Moscow Express, she fears just how unforgettable her trip will be.

Major Yevgeny Kapriyanov is not happy about being pulled in by the FSK for this mission. Upon finding out his beautiful, young traveling companion is an American, his suspicions of her and the mission heighten. Suspecting she is a spy, and not sure for whom, he seeks to find out just who she is and what her business is on this trip. Though Katya fears to say too much, Yevgeny is much too handsome to ignore. And the more he learns about her the more his attraction grows. But from somewhere inside the ranks a traitor lurks, and soon Yevgeny and Katya find themselves pawns in a deadly game of spy vs spy. Torn between resisting his feelings for Katya and giving into them, he vows to protect her while trying to save himself from dying a traitor’s death at the hands of his enemies.

Will Yevgeny and Katya be able to get past their suspicions of each other and let their love grow? And will he be able to save her from being arrested for being a spy and clear his name before it’s too late?

Set in contemporary Europe and Russia, Moscow Express is a fun and steamy read. Elizaveta makes excellent use of the locales for dressing her scenes; food apparel and public spaces go a long way to make this book quite enjoyable.

The action and dialog are paced well and the amount of narrative is just enough to keep the story moving. POV was great! Almost too good, because I really wanted to know what the minor characters were thinking at times.

There is so much to like in this book, I really enjoyed reading it.

Moscow Express gets 4.6 stars, the score would have been higher except for the handful of spelling errors I found.

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New Services and Updates to Services

I have been very busy trying to make my website as user-friendly as possible. I have added some new services and I have also added some new reference books for writers on my page “Writing Craft Reads.” I will be adding some more in the coming weeks. One of my new services is for writers of children’s books and young adult novellas. I am now offering special pricing on editing, proofreading, and promo for these smaller sized books.

I know how expensive things can get in the publishing field. So, I am trying to make every effort to make my services affordable for any size budget. I specialize in helping indie authors from any country in the world as long as the manuscript is in English. I can edit and proofread American and UK English. And in an attempt to make my site budget friendly even for brand new authors I have adjusted the pricing on my services. I have several package deals, but if none of them are right for your needs, contact me about a custom package.

The Brotherhood (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 2) by Daithi Kavanaugh

Author Daithi Kavanaugh introduces us to his second volume in the Tadhg Sullivan series The Brotherhood:

Detective Tadhg Sullivan’s life seems to be falling apart, since being shifted to Clare from Dublin after falling out with the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner. His partner (Journalist Helen Carty) has moved out, unable to live with his bouts of depression and periodic alcoholism. He finds himself once again alone in a world that doesn’t understand him.

Suddenly Sullivan is knocked out of his lethargy when a teenage girl goes missing not far from Ennis where he has been stationed. Sullivan is asked to lead the hunt by the local Superintendent and is catapulted into a world of unimaginable horror. He is confronted by Lord Charles Cromwell the leader of a sadistic cult (The Brotherhood) that derives its pleasures from the torture and murder of young women.

Sullivan’s investigation is once again hampered by political interference. As he fights his way through one bureaucratic obstacle after another he discovers that The Brotherhood’s tentacles have not only reached into corridors of power in Ireland but, they are being protected by powerful politicians worldwide.

To cut through this protective ring of steel Sullivan finds himself having to engage with some strange bed fellows. Which included an ex CIA agent (Simon Horowitz) who had saved his partners life during his last investigation and an IRA leader (Rory O’Connor) who has recently been released from prison.

Will this strange combination be able to destroy The Brotherhood before their murderous reign takes another young life or will Lord Cromwell destroy Sullivan and everything he loves?

Daithi has given us another great story about his favorite Irish detective.

This story is quite good, I enjoyed reading it. I like Daithi’s writing, he has a good balance between action, dialogue, and narration. The pacing is perfect and there were several nice plot twists. No spoilers from me. His characters are very believable and easy to relate to. His lack of graphic details adds to the suspense, another thing I like.

Daithi is creating a really good series with this second volume. I am happy to report this is not the last in the series also. Volume 3 is in the works!

Whether you like police procedurals or not you will like this book, because the focus is on the people and relationships.

I give The Brotherhood a score of 4.6 stars, the score would have been higher except for the handful of spelling errors I found.

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Degree of Normal by Barbara Harken

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Author Barbara Harken introduces us to her novelized story, Degree of Normal:

At her mother’s funeral, Jocelyn makes a startling discovery―she has an aunt, her mother’s sister. Not only does this woman offer college-student Jocelyn much needed employment, but Aunt Paula holds the key to unlocking family secrets, secrets Jocelyn needs to confront.

With the help of her best friend Alex, Jocelyn begins a journey of knocking down inner walls she has erected from years of abuse. The question is―will those broken walls free her or bury her? And what about this new-found aunt, a restaurateur/artist who signs her paintings “Charlie”?

In this psychological novel, enter the world of trauma survival through dissociation and redemption through love and courage.

This is an amazing book. The handling of PTSD and DID is sensitive and touching. While this is a novelized version of the author’s story, it rings with sincerity and relevance, without getting too graphic.

I greatly appreciate how Barbara keeps the POV clean, it saves a lot of confusion for the reader. The use of a journal to provide relevant background information is done very well.

I love how Jocelyn’s deeply buried story is slowly brought forth into the light. The process can be excruciating and very lengthy, occurring in stages.

I give Degree of Normal 4.7 stars, the score would have been higher except for the large handful of spelling errors I found.

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Book Review of The Ideal Pantry by Ben Night

I loaded this book on my Kindle a long time ago and just recently got around to reading it. This book covers the topics of canning and preserving food, foods that you can add to your diet to boost your health and improve skin and hair condition, food preservation by dehydrating, and juice recipes for boosting health. The layout of the book was simply wonderful. I love the interactive table of contents that lets you go directly to the section you want. The book is broken into sections that deal with each topic. It starts with canning then covers using coconut oil, then food dehydration, using apple cider vinegar, and finally juicing. The author included thirty juice recipes for boosting your body systems and health. The writing is very clear and concise. There is some repetition over sections, but since it is designed so that you can go to the exact section you want, it is understandable why the repetition is there. The book also includes recipes for using the coconut oil as a skin and hair treatment, how much to use to help with boosting the immune system, aiding digestion, and treating ailments such as arthritis, allergies, and thyroid problems. The author also gives recipes for using apple cider vinegar in cooking and food prep.

I do wish the book had more information about the author. It does state, though, that the author is not a doctor and recommends checking with your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement. Overall, I found the book very enjoyable and informative. The author was very thorough as he covered each topic. I will definitely be trying some of the uses for coconut oil and vinegar and trying the juice recipes.


The Ideal Pantry: Your Comprehensive Guide to Food Remedies and Preservation Techniques by [Night, Ben]


Review written by Elizaveta Katrinova—author,

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Dr. Huntley’s Recipe For Optimum Health by Elizabeth Huntley, PhD.

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