Back to Business

My apologies to everyone that I haven’t written more blog posts lately. My schedule has been pretty full the past few months. Besides editing and proofreading, I have been learning cover design by a friend of mine who is a very talented graphic artist. I have also been rather busy with some author consultations and working on gathering some information for future blog posts. I will also have some additional book reviews posted soon. I’m working on restructuring my author services, especially in the realm of reviews and promotion. I have also been busy doing some beta reading.

In addition to a busy schedule, I have had internet issues. I live in a very rural area and internet is not provided by the mainstream cable companies. So I have to rely on cell providers and satellite. After a two-year struggle with my old service provider, I decided it was time to stop putting faith in false promises and switch carriers. It has been a wonderful move that has proven most beneficial. I have a stronger and faster connection and more data. This will greatly improve my ability to keep up with my site.

Thank you very much, Mark Schultz, for your continued support of my website and continuing to post your book reviews here. And thank you to everyone who visits my page.