Unturned Stones by Jerry A Young

If you haven’t read any of the books yet by indie author  Jerry A Young this may be one you want to try. It’s called Unturned Stones, and it is a detective mystery, thriller, suspense story. I’ve included the blurb for you from Amazon as it appears on the site.

Amazon Blurb

Jack Barrett is living the good life. Finally making enough from his detective novels to retire from his job as a homicide detective at the Columbus Police Department, he now lives in a lakefront cabin at Indian Lake. His neighbor is a beautiful former FBI agent now running the Wolf Island Inn, and their relationship is progressing nicely. Then he is invited to meet the beautiful Cassie, a singer/songwriter he’s been a fan of for years when she comes to Ohio for a concert. So life just keeps getting better! That is, until a widow in his writers group gives him an old, unfinished manuscript her husband left her when he was killed in the Silver Bridge Collapse 30 years earlier. And a box of interview tapes. The content of which will threaten Jack and all he cares about with their very lives.
It seems the newly elected young President and his wife have a secret, and Jack is warned to leave it alone. But they don’t know Jack, as it turns out, is a stone cold killer himself…

It has one review so far that helps build interest for the story. The review is from a verified Amazon user.

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on June 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

“Unturned Stones has a storyline that is pretty unique. Novelist Jack Barrett receives an unpublished manuscript from the widow of the author. The story was intended to be about alien abductions and UFO conspiracies, but the author was killed in the Silver Bridge collapse before he could finish it.

Thirty years later, Jack gets into the manuscript along with taped recordings of the interviews, including an interview with a young boy who had been abducted over and over through the course of several months.

Also, the country has just elected the youngest man ever to become President of the United States. At thirty-five, he and his twenty-five-year-old wife are celebrated as the new JFK and Jackie.

As Jack and his neighbor Kat, a retired FBI agent and their friend Red, a retired ex-boxer who had recently won the lottery, investigate strange goings-on with UFO activity over Washington DC and mysterious men in black that can walk through snow without leaving tracks. The events get stranger and more weird as the days go by, followed by attempts on their lives.

This is a fair story that keeps the reader guessing. It’s packed with humorous dialogue and serious action.

There are quite a few spelling mistakes contained that could use a proofreader’s deft hand. One of the characters, Kat, is spelled Hat on numerous occasions. Quotation marks are exchanged with asterisks in several instances. A few sentences just don’t make sense at all. The word sheer is spelled shear every time.

In spite of all these errors, this is a wonderful story. Give it a try, I think you’ll enjoy it.”


Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple iBook readers! I am pleased to announce that “Unturned Stones” a Jack Barrett Mystery Book 1 is now available on Amazon, B&N Nook, Kobo, Google Play and on Apple ibooks!

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**NOTE: Author was offered a free revised book cover and blurb but refused. Author has shown no interests thus far in making further proofreading endeavors.**