New Services and Updates to Services

I have been very busy trying to make my website as user-friendly as possible. I have added some new services and I have also added some new reference books for writers on my page “Writing Craft Reads.” I will be adding some more in the coming weeks. One of my new services is for writers of children’s books and young adult novellas. I am now offering special pricing on editing, proofreading, and promo for these smaller sized books.

I know how expensive things can get in the publishing field. So, I am trying to make every effort to make my services affordable for any size budget. I specialize in helping indie authors from any country in the world as long as the manuscript is in English. I can edit and proofread American and UK English. And in an attempt to make my site budget friendly even for brand new authors I have adjusted the pricing on my services. I have several package deals, but if none of them are right for your needs, contact me about a custom package.