Confessions of a Walk Away Wife By Adaora Allure

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Author Adaora Allure introduces us to Confessions of a Walk Away Wife:

In taxis weaving through the morning rush 7,000 miles from home, on the way to work as a teacher, long black dreadlocks, dark rose satin bomber jacket and black skinny jeans, listening to neo-soul with my twin flame waiting for me at home. This is how I ended 2016, a far cry from the overweight, ceaselessly unhappy, couch locked dreamer that began the year. Entitled Confessions of a Walk Away Wife, my memoir chronicles the immense personal changes I needed to make to get back to truly living, the love of my life who never let me forget who I was and could be, the Army Vet ex-husband who lost himself and brought everyone he loved down in the process and my recently widowed mother who transformed into a tipsy, carefree party girl.


This story of loss, pain, and recovery is very intense and personal. The author didn’t excuse herself or anyone else, the honesty is very refreshing, almost brutal at times. Her moments of joy are described just as intimately as the pain-filled interludes. The hard work she did to return to her true self is inspiring.

The writing is very crisp and a pleasure to read. Even though there is quite a bit of narration, inner dialog, I never felt distant from the story. This book was a real pleasure to read and gets 4.5 stars! The score would have been higher, but I found quite a few spelling errors.


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