Privacy Policy and Terms of Services

Why I Collect Personal Information

I only collect personal information from you, such as your name and email address, that you voluntarily share with me for the sole purpose of purchasing and/or downloading e-books on my site or through a third-party vendor such as Instafreebie, BookFunnell, or Amazon, or for the purpose of providing you with services requested and purchased through my site.

When and How Information Is Collected

Your information is collected when you create an account on my website to purchase and download e-books. This information is collected only when you voluntarily hit the subscribe button or create an account. When you fill out the contact form your information is shared over a secure server to provide us with your name and email address for purposes of correspondence.

What Information Is Collected

For book purchases, your email address is collected for delivery of ebooks and your credit card or PayPal information, name, and address is collected over a secure connection for PayPal for the sole purpose of your e-book purchase. Information gathered is never sold or passed on to other parties. See PayPal’s Privacy Policy for additional information on their Privacy Statement. All payments go through PayPal.


Terms of Services

These terms are legally binding and must be read. By using the services provided by this site you are agreeing to these terms of services. Terms are subject to change. Any changes to these terms will be posted here and relayed to the user via email.

Proofreading and editing services are non-refundable. Proofreading and editing services are not guaranteed to be at 100% accuracy, however, every effort is made to achieve a 98-99.9% accuracy rate. Be advised that no proofreader or editor can catch 100% of the mistakes in a document.

All services provided through this site are billed through PayPal Business over a secured site. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been made and clearly stated on the invoice.


Rights and Responsibilities: Users have the right to refuse suggestions made through consults, critiques, and Track Changes on manuscripts. Users have the right to have their personal information on this site protected. Should the unfortunate situation of a breach on the site occur, users will be notified via email, and all measures will be taken to rectify the situation. Any accounts created by user are strictly voluntary as is the use of any services provided by this site. If user has set up an account to purchase books and services, user has the right to terminate account without question or recourse. Users have the right to cancel services requested. If user has paid in advance and cancels requested service, user has the right to request a refund as long as project has not been started. If your project has already been started and user request cancellation of project, user has the right to request a partial refund.

DK Editorial Author Services has the right to refuse services with or without reason. DK Editorial Author Services has the right to cancel a working contract or refuse to continue to work with anyone who does not accept or follow the terms of service laid out here. DK Editorial Services is not responsible for your manuscript’s success or lack of and does not guarantee any success rate at marketing efforts, though we always put our best foot forward to help get your book(s) noticed.

DK Editorial Author Services request that all users respect the rights of others and show respect in any and all comments left on the site. Please use only family friendly language appropriate for all ages. Do not harass, berate, bully, or harm in any other way any other user or author on this site. If you comment on a post or book review, please keep your comments honest but respectful of others’ feelings. Any user that does not follow these requests will have their comments removed. If a user persists in being rude and not following these requests then he/she will be blocked from the site and services will no longer be provided to the user.

If you have any comments or question in regard to these terms of services please contact admin through the contact us page. Thank you!