Roofing Ripoff: Why Your Asphalt Shingles are Falling Apart and What You Can Do About It by Tim Carter

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Contractor, Master Plumber, and author Tim Carter introduces his book Roofing Ripoff:

Tim Carter’s newer asphalt shingle roof failed long before it should. Is your shingle roof in bad shape too? Will you have to spend thousands of dollars soon to put on a new shingle roof? Carter, the founder of, decided to ask his 51,000-plus newsletter subscribers if they had problems too.

He was flooded with stories from people just like you from all across the USA. Tim decided to find out why shingles were failing long before they should. The top shingle manufacturers, and the association that represents them, failed to produce the answers Tim needed. He decided to investigate and what he discovered will shock and anger you.

The good news is that while writing this book, Tim discovered a simple way to extend the life of your roof shingles by decades. Open the pages of Roofing Ripoff now and allow Tim to take you on a journey uncovering the deep secrets of why your shingles, and money, are headed to the landfill.

This is an amazing expose of an industry depending on planned obsolescence to fuel growth and not standing behind written guarantees.

This book is well written and entertaining as we accompany Tim trying to find out why his shingles and your shingles are falling apart before the warranty is expired.

I enjoyed this book a great deal and cannot recommend it highly enough.

A big THANK YOU to Tim for bringing this problem to light, discovering a solution, and 5 stars for the book!

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